The Background

Carter McLean is what sports writers call a “multi-threat.” Along with playing some serious drums, he also plays tabla, guitar, bass and piano. In addition, he’s a composer, arranger and synth programmer. From Charlie Hunter to the Lion King on Broadway, McLean has been busy touring and doing studio work as well as having a busy teaching schedule... the man is a legend.

The Challenge

We are all totally in love with this CM mark  - It was really important that this just didn’t look cool - it needed a story and a purpose… we watched a shed load of Carters videos and really enjoyed our chat on the old Skype...

For this the theory is epic - we thought why don’t i use a music as the structure for this creation - so we grabbed some old music sheets and started creating the grid for the logo. This automatically felt right as music is the source and structure for your logo and i love that relationship, no one will know or pick up on it but we know its in there and its a cool story to tell.

We are all pumped with the result.