The Background

An exciting new collaboration between Emsworth’s Blue Bell Inn and Portsmouth brewers Staggeringly Good, ‘Bishop Slayer’ oyster stout (5.6%abv) will be officially launched on Monday 18th December 2017, with a proportion of the profits going to support the work of the Solent Oyster Restoration project.

With its strong historical links to oyster fishing, Emsworth is the perfect place to introduce this beer to the drinking public. The landlord of the Blue Bell, Giles Babb, took part in the brewing process and the stout will be available in both casks and cans at his pub..

The Challenge

We were asked to create some nautical awesomness that represented the history of Emsworths oyster fishing, but you know we don't just do ordinary. We wanted to go the extra mile and create something standout to help bolster the efforts of the Solent Oyster Restoration Programme. In the UK the population has halved over the last 25 years with overfishing, disease, invasive species and pollution from both land and sea all contributing to the oyster losses; globally an estimated 85% of oyster beds and reef habitats have been lost. This Project is Doing right by the planet and we loved being involved.