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The Background

Article'A is a website to experience skateboard culture. It’s a place that will provide people with the opportunity to consume content about not only who landed the latest flip trick but also tells the stories of skating. 

Skate culture and their industry have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to brand building and logo work - the rules don't apply to us - they are there to be broken and we love that irreverence as this is what makes all the brands so unique - they all have personality, on the edge, creating cool stuff… this is where we wanted to lead this project.

The Challenge

Firstly this is ARTICLE’A - so we wanted to create a memorable “A” design that can be used as a solitary mark if and when need. This design is the never-ending A - symbolic of them celebrating the past and telling the stories of the future.

The reason we went for this layered direction was to visualise the layers of time - they are all about making sure the rich history is documented and never lost - these layers tell a story of the mission, to archive and document the skate world - so it is never lost.

Article'A Logo
Article'A Logo Mockup
Article'A Logo on Skateboard